“We think with the head and the heart feels the light or darkness of the thought” – Rudolph Steiner

I hope to share something a little different, yet still connected, this time.  But it is something so vital to our well-being.  That is, ways to connect ourselves and others to the spiritual world.

There have been events that have taken place in my family.  And from these scary, shocking, eye-opening times, I have tried to help the situations in other ways than just the physical.  Thinking, what can I do besides just “help out”?  And I knew that it had to do with prayer and meditation.  So, I called my cousin, Martha Loving (or GERT) up for some guidance.  I am forever thankful for all of her help she always gives me.

Martha practices a very specific kind of painting therapy.  Light, darkness, and color are more than what we see physically.  I have read some of “Light, Darkenss and Colour in Painting Therapy”  by Liane Collot d’Herbois.  Rudolph Steiner’s ideas were an important stimulus for her artistic and therapeutic work.  Have you heard of the Waldorf Schools?  There is much connectedness.

A Summary:

“Violet leads us deeper into darkness and eventually back to the realms that lay beyond the threshold” (Collot 1993: 239).  This darkness is not the darkness sometimes associated with “evil”.  In a macrocosmic sense, “Darkness is the first.  It is the all-enveloping, all pervading, all-carrying mother of substance.  Darkness is the expression of cosmic sympathy, continually pouring out, enveloping, carrying”  (Collot 1993: 15). “Light is an altogether different element.  It is an expression of cosmic antipathy.  It radiates from a centre to a circumference…As soon as the cosmic light shines out into the cosmic darkness a great movement occurs.”  “Cosmic antipathy meets with cosmic sympathy and the result of their interaction is movement in space” (Collot 1993: 16). “This interaction between light and darkness, this movement in space is the background of all colour, is the origin of colour” (Collot 1993: 17).

Now, explaining this in a microcosmic sense:  Soul, will, and thinking

“In us the light of consciousness and the darkness of substance meet and interact in many ways and between these two poles there is the many coloured world of the soul” (Collot 1993: 18).

“…you can look upon the soul as something that has a much more intense connection with the world of movement and darkness, which in the human being is will, than with the world of light, which in the human being is thinking” (Collot 1993: 19).

There is so much more to explaining darkness, light and colour, but it is a deep subject. It is so deep that I felt a need to quote from the book just to describe it.  But if you are truly interested, I suggest getting the book!

Now that there is a background of understanding this kind of therapy, here is the color I want to highlight: VIOLET

Violet is the color of the crown chakra.  It is a mediation color.  It is peaceful, calming, quiet, for meeting one’s destiny path.  Violet brings HOPE.

Martha suggested that I wear violet, think violet, paint violet, meditate violet.  She also directed me to a beautiful prayer that has been of great help.  It is just incredible!

Guardian Angel Prayer

Angels, Archangels, Archai
In the weaving ether
Receive the web of destiny of ______________.
Spirit of his/her soul, effecting Guardian
May your wings convey my soul’s petitioning prayer
To this human of the earth
(or for those who have crossed the threshold –
To this Spirit of the Spheres)
Entrusted to thy care
So that, united with your power,
My prayer may radiate helpfully
To the soul it seeks in love.

This prayer written by Rudolf Steiner
and adapted by Rev. Richard Lewis

Here is Martha’s website – http://www.lovingcolor.org/


“Magenta Angel” by Martha Loving Orgain

My piddling around with violet.  I did another one as well.  But here is the first – very simple:

Here, I just painted left to right on the paper, starting at the bottom, and going all the way up – DARK to LIGHT violet.

I hope this has been helpful and inspirational to you viewers.  Ways of connection to the spiritual world are many.  And this has been a very healing and beautiful one.  Definitely check out Martha Loving Orgain.  She is incredible!  Blessings!

Works Cited:

Collot d’Herbois, Liane

1993 Light, Darkness and Colour in Painting Therapy. Dornach, Switzerland.  Floris Books.


2 responses to ““We think with the head and the heart feels the light or darkness of the thought” – Rudolph Steiner

  1. Well! Deep subject. Great going, Miss Em! Thanks for the compliments and FOR TAKING UP THE WORK! by DOING it you MAKE THE CONNECTION TO SPIRIT.
    One slight problem: Collot’s book is currently out of print. Alas. Sending much love and many (though belated) good birthday wishes for your next year of life! Looks lime you are well on your way!

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