Sing to your crops!

Food for thought:

When reading The Call of the Land: An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century by Steven McFadden, I came across a part that explains how singing to your plants and giving them love is more than just a silly cultural practice of our ancestors.  One of the “insightful pioneers” listening to the land, that the author highlights is John Kimmey. He became acquainted with the Hopi elders in Hotevilla, Arizona (McFadden 2009: 23).  A Hopi Native American elder encouraged Kimmey to plant a garden and sing a meaningful song to one plot but not the other.  In fewer words, the sung to plot did better than the plots that were not sung to.

The ancestors always sung to their crops.  The elder said to him “Song makes them stronger”.  “…the seeds you save and grow become part of your family.  Treat them with the same love, care, and attention that you show to your children.” (McFadden 2009: 24)

I think we can learn so much from our ancestors.  And the power of song is so great.  Love and melodies go straight to the heart of us all – plants, animals, and humans.

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2 responses to “Sing to your crops!

  1. Oh Emily!!!
    That’s so good! We can sing songs to our garden together! As long as I don’t get stage fright! I love you!
    We could sing the potato song!!! And write songs just for the garden!!!!!!!

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