The beets beat beat doo wadda wadda

This is an overdue posting on how our beets did way back in the Spring.  This is not a very educational posting – more show and tell.  But viewers, please share anything you can tell me about having successful beets in the garden!

These were in the “Big Garden” – Dolce Di Chioggia and Detroit Dark Red

Before the beets were thinned…

(The beets are closest to us, the four rows)

They did fairly well!

There they are again (those are the detroit dark red)…and a tomato heirloom of my great grandfather!  These tomatoes did well at first and we got a decent harvest from them, but some kind of blight got them unfortunately.  They were planted early too whether that had anything to do with it.  Thankfully, we saved some seed from the really big beautiful ones we harvested.  Let’s hope for a more successful year next year…I have A LOT to learn about tomatoes.

Back to BEETS.  The only thing I would have done differently is planted MORE and mulch.  We are going to plant some more this fall and hopefully they will be just as yummy!



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