Sourdough Bread brief

You can bake sourdough bread!  My aunt Sue gave me some starter recently (very kind of her!).  And, using the flour I had at the time (rye and bread flour) I baked some sour dough bread and it turned out to be much easier than anticipated.

Sometimes, getting started on something that is new to us feels like a much bigger deal than it is after you have done it at least once.  It’s just taking that first step that is the hardest.  The step where you say “I’m going to do this no matter what.”  And if it doesn’t turn out exactly right the first time, you probably know mostly what went wrong and can improve from there.

For my sourdough bread, I used a recipe in the “Tassajara Bread Book” –

There are of course many recipes online as well.

Sourdough starter is the the plastic container.  The night before you bake, you mix the ingredients your recipe calls for with the starter and let it sit over night, covered.  Then you take a bit of that to replenish your starter in the morning (so you can make more!)

What is a starter?  “Sourdough Starter: A starter or culture of wild/natural yeast and lactobacilli in a medium of flour and liquid which is propagated through ongoing refreshments (or “feedings”) for the purpose of leavening bread dough, is on-going and is continued on from one bake or activation to the next.” –

Then in the morning, you mix everything together, knead the dough for 5 minutes, decide whether you want loaves etc.

This is what I did.  And cut slits in the top.

Gotta let it rise for a couple hours!  I was unsure whether to cover them, but I turned up the ends of the dishcloth for more air to get to them and they did fine!

Oven time!

I was pretty happy with my results! Yummmmy 🙂

My intention with sharing my sourdough experience is only to encourage you that you can definitely do it!  I’m no expert and won’t even pretend to be.  I will provide a link to a website that may be helpful if you take on baking sourdough bread.

There ain’t nothin’ like the smell of freshly baked bread.  Blessings!


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