Harvesting Rosehips

“Rosehips provide one of the best natural and freely available sources of vitamin C.” from Holistic Herbal by David Hoffmann


Have you ever noticed that vitamin C supplements contain rosehips sometimes?  How great it feels to be able to harvest my own rosehips!  And you can do this too!  They are in the wild and also certain varieties of rose bushes will give you really good rosehips.  I really want to plant these someday 🙂

Check this out!


These are wild rosehips from our land.  I harvested them in late November!Image

They are tiny things and I really wasn’t able to collect many in the wild.  Which is another reason I’d love to grow several rose bushes with good rosehips so that I can have a really good harvest.



Still, so beautiful!


How I harvested these beautiful, wonderful rosehips…

I collected them.  (In the FALL is rosehip harvest time)

Then, I put them in a paper bag, closed the bag with clothes pins, and hung it up to let the rosehips dry out.

You could also just make tea with them right away. Or just eat some!  YUM. I decided to dry mine so that I can store them away for a longer period of time.  And when I really need an immune system boost, I can make tea using the dried rosehips.

Now, from harvesting to music…

My dear friend Sally Rose earned the name “Sally Rose Hips” on our adventure to Earth Mountain Education Farm in Colorado back in the Spring of 2011.  An incredible farm and a more incredible friend.  So, I must feature Sally in this rosehip posting because of her rosehip nickname. Sally Rose has been singing songs, writing songs, booking shows and rocking them, going on the radio and news, and making albums with inspirational passion and talent.  Please check out her gift of music!  She has pulled together a sweet band to accompany her too.  Listen and you will see…



The Sally Rose Band – (from left to right) Pete Stallings, Sally Rose, Catherine Monnes, and Ben Jensen (ALL good folks with big big musician talent)

p.s. I love you to the moon and back, Sally Rose Hips!!!  And I love The Sally Rose Band too!!!



4 responses to “Harvesting Rosehips

  1. Quite educational! I love you Emily!!! You too Sally!!!
    But I LOVE YOU Emily!
    Can we make a Rosehip tincture?
    Or soap?
    Or salve?

    • hehe, you silly. I LOVE you too!!! I would love to make a rosehip tincture. We may need to harvest more rosehips however or order some for that! Maybe rose soap? But not rosehip soap? I’m not positive. And salve.. I think it would be very moisturizing! We have lots to research!

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