Turnip Appetizer


I feel like turnips are that vegetable that some people dislike and can have a bad rep.  Maybe it’s because it’s hard to know what to cook them in or with.  My father cooked turnips as an appetizer one night and “doctored” them up with some delicious seasonings cooked in coconut oil.  Last night, when I decided to cook some turnips, I decided to experiment with my own seasonings.  But I didn’t forget that coconut oil!


You will need:

  • Turnips (which are a beautiful root vegetable by the way!)
  • Coconut oil
  • pepper
  • garlic salt
  • curry powder
  • dried cilantro (good stuff too that tastes like cilantro.  I’ve noticed some dried cilantro at the store often tastes bland.  I got mine from an Amish/Mennonite country store that turned out tasting lovely)


  1. Basically all ya do, is whip out your cast iron skillet.
  2. Cut your turnips into thin rounds or half rounds.
  3. Get a good spoonful of coconut oil in there.
  4. Line the skillet with the turnips.  Let the oil coat one side, then flip them over.
  5. Let them cook for a little while on a medium heat setting.  Use your judgement. If they are browning too fast, turn down the heat.
  6. When they are nearing being cooked through, add the pepper, garlic salt, and curry.  I noticed that if I added them too soon, then it would form a coat on the skillet and try to burn.
  7. Lastly, sprinkle the cilantro on top.  Then, let it cook just a wee bit more.
  8. Try one!  See if they taste done enough.


These make a great appetizer or can go along with a meal.  I decided to eat a light meal last night.  I enjoyed these turnips with a mixture of nuts and seeds, bri cheese, and garlic stuffed olives.  I found this way of cooking turnips to be a delicious savory result!

What would you recommend eating turnips with?  Do you have any great ways of cooking turnips?  I’d love to hear your recommendations and experiences!



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