Time and time

Where have I been?!

I have been swamped by a full time job that has not settled well with me.  Endurance and strength have kept me moving forward, but it is time to reconnect with who I really am.  “There is a clock on the coffee machine. Telling you what time it is relative to where you’ve got to be” – Elephant Revival song.

Time is a funny thing.  Wrapped around us all.  Hustle and bustle.  Necessity I suppose.  To keep us in order.  But, time is also stress and frantic actions.  Do this or that because it’s faster and the faster it’s done, the more money you make.  “Time is money” I heard recently.  I think not!  It is, but it isn’t.

We can make our own realities.  To cope in the fast paced world, we do have to adapt to these insanities.  But, we may also need to remember that time is an illusion.  It is a completely made up thing.  Yet, somehow it dominates our lives.

I know for me, I am too sensitive to certain environments.  I have learned that patience, teaching, helping, and creativity may be some of my strengths.  While physical labor surrounded by efficiency,  constant criticism, and little heart to heart interactions with any living things are not my strengths.  Positivity can go a long way, but when you notice the wear and tear effects it is having on your well-being, usually some kind of positive action comes before positive mindset.  And that is where I am now.

Balance is key.  For all of us.  Reaching it is another thing.  What helps you feel balanced again?

I hope I can share more posts again related to the subjects of my blog.  I can say that I have cilantro, tomatoes, onions, corn, watermelon, calendula, and (hopefully) some other herbs planted!  I planted some pretty flowers.  The cicadas are crazy loud!  My little brick house is almost done and when it’s done I will share photos of the whole restoring process.  I hope to plant squash, cucumbers, beans, basil, holy basil, peppers, eggplant, and okra!  And hopefully I can manage to plant in accordance to the biodynamic calendar.

Great resource for planting with cosmos!  http://www.the-gardeners-calendar.co.uk/moonplanting.asp

Blessings to you!


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