Summer Garden

Hello all,

This post will be dedicated to talking a little about our summer garden.

This has been a beautiful garden.  And my Mama, Daddy, boyfriend Eli, and cousin Edith have all made this possible.

Vegetables and fruits:

Onions – If it’s continuously rainy, do you mulch?  I feared to mulch because everything was so wet, I didn’t want the onions to rot.  Some of them did anyway.  However, weeds took over.

Garlic – If its going to be a rainy summer, I think it’s best to pull your fall planted garlic up.  Otherwise, you risk rot.  Ours was close.  They were so saturated with water, that we had to lay them on paper towels under a fan before braiding them together.

Tomatoes – Our heirloom tomatoes appear to have fusarium wilt.  And the solution seems to be to grow hybrid resistant varieties instead.  Apparently this fungus is in the soil.  And once it’s there, it can transfer even by the bottom of your shoes.  I hope the tomatoes will be okay.  I don’t know yet! Borage, an herb, is to help with horn worms and generally increase resistance to pests and disease.  They are also very beautiful!  So far, no horn worms.

Summer Squash – The squash had squash beetles.  We were as careful as possible at getting the eggs and bugs off and killing them.  I read if you put some wooden pieces of board near the squash, you can check them in the morning and the squash beetles congregate under them – then you can kill them!  It worked but sometimes I couldn’t check them in the morning.  Planted some borage nearby too. The squash are coming in and look beautiful so far!

Cucumbers – We trellised them and they have happily grown up the trellises.  Poinsett variety is giving us lots of cucumbers!  And Little Arkansas is flowering.  I have read that nasturtiums are a great companion plant for many including cucumber.

Okra – First year planting okra and they look awesome so far!

Watermelon – We have tiny watermelon growing!  At first, the plants had yellow spots.  I was worried but never figured out what it was.  They no longer have the spots.  Hopefully they will do well!

Cantelope – We let the volunteers do their thing last two years.  Last years were delicious.  We have a huge patch of it and they are getting big!

Green Beans – We have so many green beans planted!  Phew!  Can’t wait to make dilly beans.  Summer Savory is a good companion plant.  But I never found any in stores and didn’t order any either.

3 Sisters –  Corn, Beans, and Squash.  They look amazing.  Let’s hope the corn continues to be okay.  Pumpkins (chosen squash) was planted very late.  We’ll see.

Sunflowers – We have volunteers and a small row.  A billions seeds from last year though!

Basil – Last year I planted was it 60 basil plants.  That doesn’t seem right!  It was an incredible ridiculous amount that I am quite embarrassed of now.  We have four basil plants now.  And still have pesto from last year in the freezer.

Holy Basil – First year planting this medicinal.  I hope it will grow soon!  It need sunshine but it just keeps raining.

Peppers – Started and planted late.  I think they may be okay though.  Again, if the sun would stay out!  Hot peppers are companions with basil.  So, those two are together.

Sweet Potatoes – Plant these babies in 5-7 gallon pots!  This way, we have been told, the voles do not eat them.  Like last year..We combined some river dirt and compost in each pot.  And, the plants are beautiful!  When they’re ready, apparently you just flip them upside down and there ya go!


I have since weeded.  It’s awful how long mulching can take.  That’s why there are weeds..

Let me know anything you all have learned from your gardens this year!



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