Cucumber Lemonade

A couple days ago my dad and sweetie Eli were taking down this big dead tree in our front yard.  It was a hot day too.  So, I was trying to think of something to keep them hydrated besides gatorade.  I had time and fresh cucumbers from the garden..

So, I made a sort of cucumber lemonade.

Cucumber Lemonade with Basil

(not my photo, found on this blog:

Here’s what I did:

Fill a pitcher up with warm water.

Cut half a lemon into slices and put in pitcher.

Use other half to squeeze lemon juice into the pitcher.

(you can add more to taste of course)

Slice half a small cucumber into rounds. Put these in the pitcher too.

Add some delicious HONEY to taste.

Let sit out for a little while so water absorbs the nutrients and flavors.

Eventually, add some ice!  And you will have a hydrating, deliciously refreshing drink.

The benefits of lemon, cucumber, and honey is great.  Here is a good source that explains the benefits a little bit.  You can find a similar drink among other sources too.  You could also add some mint or basil.   mmmmm…Some folks may want to add some vodka.


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