A hike: for presence of mind and beauty

October 13, 2014

It’s been awhile folks, but here I am to share a hike that was timeless and magnificent with friends in the woods.

A hike on the trail, not for speed or discovery, just for presence of mind and beauty.

Saw a worm with a death wish, a green snake climbing a tree, a vole scurrying through leaves, found some jewel weed for the mosquito bites we acquired, found weavels in the jewel weed stem, saw a little critter hole of a home, a salamander who played dead when we tried to scare it off the death wish trail, smelled a yummy something in bloom, located it and found bumble bees and honey bees on it, Eli brushed against the poison ivy so we used the jewel weed to rub on his leg and arm, saw beautiful views including a not so beautiful view of an old naked man sun bathing, we fox walked through the woods and the sounds of the birds were much louder and less timid in our quiet presence.

We took a moment to look around and be present.  Who needs to leave a deep, loud footprint behind?  What would that do for you?  How can we peacefully walk through the woods? I’m of the opinion that we should question our actions and think about why we are doing what we are doing.  Is it because that’s what everyone else does?  Can we take a few minutes?  What is around us right now?  And why?


ps. image above from: http://freehdw.com/wallpaper/magic-in-the-woods-57752.html


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